Trymore Kanopula

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Trymore Kanopula (or Trymore Kanupula) is a businessman, and was elected to Parliament in August 2023.

Personal Details

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School / Education

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In the 23-24 August 2023 elections, Trymore Kanopula was elected as Member of Parliament for Harare South.


2022 Rally

In February 2022, a large part of Trymore Kanopula’s manifesto was based on getting title deeds for properties to victims of land barons, and getting services normally required to gain those title deeds. He said The first batch of 5 000 households are expected to be handed over title deeds to their properties next month.

Tongai Mnangagwa (MP, Hunyani), speaking during the launch of Harare South’s road rehabilitation programme, said the process was a national programme to correct colonial disparities which saw residents in most high-density suburbs failing to get title deeds. This is a national project starting here in Harare South whose main thrust is to assist residents in underdeveloped areas to obtain title deeds, since about 90 percent of houses in high-density areas have no title deeds. At least 5 000 households in this constituency are going to obtain documents for their homes by next month. [1]

2023 Campaign

During his campaigning, Trymore Kanopula said the campaign trail was easy due to to high impact development projects being championed by President Mnangagwa. He claimed this ahead of a rally to be addressed by Constantino Chiwenga in Stoneridge, Harare South. Most of the people who reside in this constituency got their stands from cooperatives, and these are people with lived experiences of the good work done by the Second Republic. “People in this constituency are on course to get their title deeds under President Mnangagwa’s scheme of guaranteeing that everybody gets descent accommodation and security of the houses they live in [2] [3]

Pungwe-Chimurenga land dispute, Sept 2023

In September 2023, a dispute arose between Trymore Kanopula and Pungwe-Chimurenga Housing Co-operative (Eyrecourt). Eyrecourt alleges he took over their Phase 1 approved commercial, clinic and school stands and converted them to residential stands. They allege he did this to advance his personal interests, after becoming an elected Member of Parliament. They say the new MP working with one David Jakarasi, who once worked with an administrator who had been appointed by the Local Government ministry to audit Pungwe-Chimurenga. [4]

David Jakarasi had previously worked with an administrator appointed by the Local Government ministry to audit Pungwe-Chimurenga. According to a source, Jakarasi is providing the MP with misleading information for his personal gain. The source further revealed that Jakarasi has repeatedly lost court cases due to a lack of merit. Despite the administrator’s departure in 2016, Jakarasi still claims to represent Eyrecourt residents. Housing cooperative members have expressed frustration with Kanopula’s lack of cooperation when they tried to engage him. [5]

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