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Chivhu is a Town located in Mashonaland East Province. It is 142 km south of Harare on the highway to Beitbridge and South Africa, and was formerly Enkeldoorn.


19° 1′ S, 30° 54′ E
Altitude 1480 m.
See Distances in Zimbabwe
It is in Seke District.


The early settlers thought this place was like the plains of the Orange Free State. The area was free of the Izinga thorn tree, hence it was called Enkeldoorn (Single Thorn). [1] The site was selected in 1896, and most of the early settlers were Afrikaners. Most agriculture in the area is large cattle ranches, with some small scale subsistence cropping. It is at the headwaters of the Umniati River and Sebakwe River (see Sebakwe Dam).

Other information

According to the 1969 Rhodesian Census, the population was 1420 Africans, 216 Europeans, 24 Asians, 9 Coloureds for a total of 1670 people. [2]
2009 - 10,369

See Daramombe Secondary School.
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See Madzivire Range High School.
See St Francis of Assisi High School.

Further Reading


2023 Plane Crash, carrying diamonds. - [[1]], [[2]]


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