The Controversial Association: Job Sikhala And Morgen Komichi Under Scrutiny

3 weeks agoSat, 10 Feb 2024 12:49:59 GMT
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The Controversial Association: Job Sikhala And Morgen Komichi Under Scrutiny

The association between Job Sikhala and Morgen Komichi has sparked criticism with some saying it sucks out all the traction Sikhala had following his release from prison. Sikhala was in prison since June 2022 and was released on 31 January 2024 upon which he launched a political movement aimed to create a broad-based mass democratic movement involving various sectors of society. However, his alignment with Komichi has raised concerns among some individuals, who argue that it undermines Sikhala’s credibility and support.

Sikhala, known for his previous involvement in launching the MDC-99 party, held a press conference in Harare on Thursday 8 February 2024 to announce his new political movement. He emphasized the need for a broad-based approach, involving civic society, students, and the church, to advance the mass democratic struggle in Zimbabwe. Drawing inspiration from South Africa’s United Democratic Front (UDF), Sikhala stressed the importance of honoring the ideals of those who fought during Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle and subsequent conflicts like Gukurahundi.

During the press conference, Sikhala also distanced himself from the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), describing it as a “carcass.” This move followed the resignation of Nelson Chamisa, the founder of CCC, a week prior. Sikhala expressed his intention to address the shortcomings of the MDC, which he believed lacked grassroots participation and often experienced clashes of egos among its national leadership.

Despite Sikhala’s ambitious plans, his association with Morgen Komichi has raised eyebrows and generated criticism. Costa Nkomo, a journalist, questioned whether Komichi was taking advantage of Sikhala’s political capital or if Sikhala himself was being naive. He suggested that there might be hidden political motives behind their alliance, potentially leading to Sikhala’s failure. Nkomo said:

I do not mean to demean Honourable Senator Komichi. Job Sikhala was in jail for nearly 2 years. Upon release, you advice him to start a movement with Senator Komichi possibly supporting him. Surely there is no love in politics. Just setting each other to fail.

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Similarly, Brighton Mutebuka, a UK-based Zimbabwean lawyer, expressed concerns about Komichi’s political bankruptcy and how it could impact Sikhala’s reputation and popularity. Mutebuka said Sikhala was ill-advised and the association would only diminish his political capital. He argued:

There is nothing in it for Wiwa (Sikhala) other than bleeding much-needed political capital. Komichi is in self-inflicted political wilderness. His political gospel about returning to the old MDC project is hollow as he is preaching it after running out of options. Baba Abrahama (Komichi) is paying for his blind ambition, overestimating his political appeal & frittering it away foolishly. The equation won’t balance as Wiwa is fishing from a political well that Baba Abrahama spit in a few seasons ago & has never made amends with even now! So by associating with Baba Abrahama, Wiwa inevitably & ill advisedly scuttles his own prospects for no obvious reason, which is painful & unfortunate to see for one who has sacrificed so much for so little in return.

These criticisms underscore the potential risks Sikhala may face due to his association with Komichi. Some argue that Sikhala should have been more cautious in selecting his political allies, as Komichi’s past actions, particularly his involvement in undermining Chamisa’s faction, have tainted his reputation.

Peter Gift Mutasa, a former President of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), criticised the association comparing it to a poison that destroys political careers instantly. Others point out that Sikhala and Komichi have been friends for a long time, and that’s why Sikhala was not recalled from the MDC Alliance like others who aligned with Nelson Chamisa.

However, supporters of Sikhala contend that his association with Komichi is a matter of personal choice and should not overshadow his achievements and contributions to the opposition movement in Zimbabwe. They believe that Sikhala’s long-standing friendship with Komichi might have influenced his decision and that it does not necessarily indicate political alignment.

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