Objections Arise Over Election Of Chief Charumbira As Deputy President Of Zimbabwe's Council Of Chiefs

3 weeks agoSat, 10 Feb 2024 10:46:38 GMT
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Objections Arise Over Election Of Chief Charumbira As Deputy President Of Zimbabwe's Council Of Chiefs

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has stated that there were objections to the election of Chief Fortune Charumbira as the deputy president of the National Council of Chiefs. Charumbira, who had previously served two terms as the council’s president, was elected as deputy president during the August 10, 2023 elections.

Chief Khumalo Matshane, the former deputy president of the chiefs’ council, was elected as the council’s president in the same elections. However, in its report on the 2023 harmonised elections presented in Parliament, ZEC mentioned that some individuals had reservations about Charumbira’s election to the post due to his previous two terms as president, NewsDay reported.

ZEC expressed the view that the law governing the Council of Chiefs should be revisited to address this concern. The council believes that there needs to be a discussion regarding the desirability or lack thereof of having someone serve as deputy president of the council after already serving as president for two terms, even though there is no explicit law prohibiting this. ZEC said:

The election of the President and the deputy president of the Council of Chiefs saw the former Deputy president of the council being elevated to the post of President while the former president being elected as the deputy president.

While there is no explicit law prohibiting this, there seems to be some quotas who have expressed reservations on having one elected as a deputy president of the council of Chiefs after serving at its helm for two terms, as president.

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There may be a need to look at the provision and consider its desirability or lack thereof going forward.

In addition to the election of the council’s president and deputy president, chiefs were also elected to the Senate in all eight non-metropolitan provinces on August 24, 2023. Two chiefs from each province were elected to be members of the Senate.

The objections raised regarding Chief Fortune Charumbira’s election highlight the need for a closer examination of the laws governing the Council of Chiefs. By addressing these concerns, the council can ensure that its elections are conducted in a manner that reflects the expectations and requirements of its members and the wider community.

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